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Steven Cardwell is a recruitment agency specializing in the area of Financial Service Placements.

Our Candidates are carefully pre-screened and evaluated to save our clients time and money. We provide results, and we offer an invaluable service to employers in their search for the best person for the job, whether on a permanent or a contract basis.

We can help you match your requirements with our highly qualified and experienced candidates in the most effective way.

Our professionalism, dedication and ability to consistently provide the right candidate for your needs in the financial industry have resulted in the forging of longstanding business partnerships with some of the most successful companies in Ontario.

We are a modern search firm

We are a modern search firm with a dedicated team of recruitment professionals that guarantees you access to highly qualified and experienced candidates from the financial services industry.

(905) 850-8241

We complement our search techniques with an evaluation and selection process that is designed to identify and select those individuals who consistently outperform their peers and colleagues.

We take the time to personally meet our candidates, and to gain a complete understanding of their personal and technical strengths, attributes and goals.

Our superior search and service capabilities, and meeting our clients and our candidates enables us to accurately match technical requirements, work environments and company cultures, and that is how we are able to put the right candidate forward the first time!

We always respect your privacy, and utilize your company’s information in a confidential and responsible manner.

What We Do

We actively recruit and place. We take pride in our uniqueness, dedication and commitment to traveling a path separate from our competitors.

At Steven Cardwell, we realize that there is more to a successful placement than technical ability and educational qualifications.

Our highly qualified staffing professionals have extensive experience in the financial Services field, and are well trained and knowledgeable in their ability to consistently match the right applicant to the client’s needs.

Steven Cardwell sets itself apart from other placement agencies by being able to deliver highly skilled and qualified personnel with extensive Canadian experience to fill a wide variety of positions in all technical fields. We know that understanding the client’s philosophy, culture and vision is an integral part of the recruiting process.

Your time is extremely precious during the day. We are here to help ease your recruiting challenges. We do all your pre-screening of potential candidates, assess their skills, and send you only those deemed qualified for the position. We’ll “close” the candidate and check the references to your satisfaction, ensuring a long lasting mutually rewarding relationship between you and your new employee.

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