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680 News

“It’s not about the money but the overall compensation and benefits provided to the employees”.
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BNN Bloomberg

Tackling Canada’s Labour Shortage
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How work perks are shifting during the pandemic.
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The Toronto Star

Vaughan recruiter urges companies to pay or train more if they want employees.
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The Morning Show

iheart Radio’s “The Morning Show” Podcast has guest Steven Cardwell – General Manager of Steven Cardwell Recruitments.
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The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Steve Cardwell joins the Happiness at Work panel with Steve Paikin, to discuss when did it become an employer’s responsibility to make sure its employees are happy at work? What’s the science behind the idea that a content employee is a more productive one? We look at this emerging trend from an academic, business, and lived experience perspective.
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Refining Recruitment

Kris McCusker speaks with Steven Cardwell Recruitment about how to find the right employee and some common mistakes companies make.
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The Brian Crombie Hour

John Tourfankjian, Recruiter for Steven Cardwell Recruitment Inc., discusses the interview process and the recruitment industry.

“You never know what’s behind the door, until you open the door.” ~John Tourfankjian.
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Recruitment Strategies

Steven Cardwell joins Ted to discuss the issues with recruiting quality employees.
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Breakfast Television

Finding that perfect job can be a full-time job! Whether your employed looking to change your career or unemployed looking for that perfect position it takes time and effort. Get valuable tips for job seeking from Steven Cardwell of Steven Cardwell Recruitment.
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New Recruits

Kris McCusker speaks to Steven Cardwell, general manager of Steven Cardwell Recruitment, about why an old fashioned phone call is best when looking to fill key roles at your company.
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