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At Steven Cardwell Recruitment, our search consultants won’t rest until our clients are satisfied with our staffing solutions. We pride ourselves on being able to handle any staffing shortage. Our expertise covers everything from administrative and clerical positions right on up through middle management, skilled trades and senior “mission critical” executives. We can fill these positions and more across a wide variety of industries and sections, including those that require very specific talent.

We service clients across North America on a regular basis. If you have a staffing shortage, our headhunters will hit the ground running and relieve your stress quickly and efficiently by connecting you with top talent and ideal candidates who have been extensively vetted by our trained professionals.

Engineering Industry

Under Steven Cardwell Recruiting, Engineering Search Firm Inc. is our specialty division focusing on the permanent recruitment of high-quality engineers. Our search professionals have a proven track-record of finding and presenting to our clients the best engineers the industry has to offer, in every branch of the sector. We accomplish because our staffing consultants are always networking and chasing new leads on the best engineers available and those who, in the right situation, may become available.

As baby boomers retire and younger engineers take their place, Steven Cardwell’s staffing professionals are uniquely positioned to help transform the field with exceptional talent.

Let Us Help

At Steven Cardwell, no recruiting challenge is too small. Instead of wasting precious time and resources on a desperate search for talent, offload that job to us. With our years of experience, our search consultants will devise an actionable strategy to find the perfect candidates for your open positions, all tailored to your particular needs. Don’t lose sleep agonizing over a plan to hire your next engineer or skilled trades worker. Leave the heavy lifting to us—we’ll take your needs and assemble a terrific slate of candidates for you to choose from. At Steven Cardwell Recruitment, we’re not happy until our clients are happy. Nothing else matters.

Get in touch with us to discuss your personnel needs and to learn more about how we can help your organization.

Looking to fill positions in the engineering industry? We can help.

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