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Engineering Search Firm Inc., a division of Steven Cardwell Recruitment, is your full service Recruitment Agency in the engineering sector.

Why Choose Engineering Search Firm Inc. Services & Associates

We take the time

We get to know every candidate in order to better understand their qualifications.

Experience matters

Our recruiters bring years of knowledge and real-world experience to the task.

Ongoing Communication

We make every effort to keep the lines of communication open at every step.

Our Approach

When a client approaches Engineering Search Firm for a staffing solution, our real-world experience and determination is put on display. With a proven track record of matching blue-chip firms with the brightest engineering candidates, our search team has the experience and know-how to deliver results. Tailoring our strategy to each client, our engineering recruiters start with an innovative and multi-prong approach to match, and even exceed, your staffing needs.


When meeting a client, our team digs deep and asks a lot of questions. Not only about what a client wants, but above all, what a client needs. Engineering is a diverse and challenging field, so our headhunters recognize the importance of nuance when determining exactly which candidates to present to a client.

Take Action

 Our engineering consultants leave no stone unturned in search of the right candidates for a client in any field. Delving into our deep well of contacts throughout industries and across borders in addition to utilizing internal tools and social media, we will locate the right people for your company, even if they happen to be working for your competitors.


Once a suitable list of candidates has been developed, we assist our clients in selecting the best ones to interview. Our search team will expertly advise a client to ensure they hone in on the candidates that check off the most boxes and bring the most value to your team.

Let us engineer a perfect fit for your team.

Give us a call or email and speak with one of our Engineering recruitment specialists.

Are you an employee looking for new career path?

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