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At Steven Cardwell, we recognize the importance of getting products and materials to their destination quickly, efficiently and on time. Our recruiters are acutely aware of how vital a company’s logistics and supply chain division is to its overall success. We recruit top-flight candidates to ensure our clients’ logistics are sound and their supply chains keep moving.

Keeping Your Supply Chain Moving

Our search experts know how important it is for all personnel in a business’ logistics and supply chain to be on the same page. That is a huge motivator for us as we seek the best fit for your team. We work aggressively to find the most qualified people to fill particular roles and ensure our clients can operate at peak efficiency.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your warehouse and production teams, operations managers, inventory clerks, distribution experts and/or managers, we will find the right people for you. Our headhunters have extensive contacts throughout the industry and will conduct a thorough search on your behalf. Since we always have an eye out for top-tier talent, our staffing teams will be able to hit the ground running to put the best recruitment strategy into action.

Candidates’ hard skills will be evaluated alongside their soft skills, such as interpersonal communication, to facilitate the best match possible between our client and the candidate. After all, in today’s climate, interpersonal communication and dialogue are vital for any business to run smoothly. Our experts won’t overlook this important detail when presenting a client with exceptional candidates.

We keep our ears to the ground to learn about the established and up-and-coming talent in the logistics and supply chain field. This allows us to keep a growing roster of skilled people who might be interested in new and exciting opportunities. The idea is to always have a deep pool of talent to present to our clients and then to help them sift through it until they uncover the perfect fit.

If you are looking to add to your logistics and supply chain teams, contact us at Steven Cardwell! We’ll help you find the best people for the job. Call us at 905-850-8241 or toll-free at 866-725-2821!

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