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Steven Cardwell Recruitment is proud to feature Engineering Search Firm Inc. as its premier engineering recruitment division. Engineering Search Firm began recruiting in 2003 and has been successfully placing candidates across relevant sectors since then. Combining Engineering Search Firm’s specific expertise with Steven Cardwell’s overall recruiting prowess creates a capacity that is second to none with respect to finding top quality engineers.

As with so many industries, engineering is facing a labour shortage. The profession as a whole leans older, and with baby boomers nearing retirement, there is a void that employers are struggling to fill. But with Steven Cardwell’s engineering headhunters on your side, your company will never face its own labour shortage.

Why? Because our search firm is always recruiting. We are constantly networking, building up our database and adjusting it whenever necessary. We have the tools and resources necessary to staff any level and any sector of the engineering field. From junior engineers to Senior Vice Presidents, across Civil  and Structural Engineering to Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and everything in between, our staffing consultants will deliver a solution for your hiring needs.

Of course, we know that companies often don’t have time to keep their finger on the proverbial pulse of hiring trends in their field, which is why our search firm does it for you. In executing your search, we bring an unmatched track record of developing long-term recruiting strategies that reflect your industry. With our help, your firm will never again be caught flat-footed when hiring needs arise.

Engineering provides the nuts and bolts for industries to function. Having Steven Cardwell Recruitment’s aggressive and hard-working staffing experts on your side can provide your firm the ability to continue delivering top quality products and services. Don’t stress over a hiring process when you may not have the time or information necessary to pick the right candidates for your business. Let Steven Cardwell Recruitment do the heavy lifting of finding the best engineers for your company.

Looking for the best engineers on the market or in search of new opportunities? Get in touch with Steven Cardwell Recruitment at 905-850-8241 or call us toll-free at 866-725-2821!

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