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Recruiters at Steven Cardwell excel at placing highly skilled and motivated people across all sectors of the accounting, finance and insurance fields. Our search firm has cultivated extensive, long-lasting relationships with important executives across these industries. We leverage our significant resources to search the world for the best executives and the brightest minds working in accounting, finance and insurance.

Whether your needs are audit, tax, insurance claims, valuations or underwriting, Steven Cardwell Recruitment will aggressively comb the market for the perfect fit for your team. If that person exists, we will find them.

Finding Diamonds in the Rough

Like in many industries, employers in the accounting, finance and insurance sectors may struggle to fill specific roles within their organizations. With the current low unemployment rates, job seekers are finding a market flush with opportunities, allowing them to choose the job they feel they are best suited to, as opposed to needing to jump at the first opportunity available. This is where a search agency comes in handy.

With years of expertise in the accounting, finance and insurance sectors, Steven Cardwell Recruitment will bring the most qualified candidates to your door. After extensive consultation on your organization’s wants and needs, our headhunters will sift through as many candidates as necessary to find the right ones for you to consider.

Headhunters at Steven Cardwell won’t just look for a candidate with the best mathematical aptitude. Our search agency will look far and wide for the skills your organization deems vital to its success. Whether that means a bilingual candidate fluent in both English and Mandarin, a CFO with experience in a related but separate industry, or a senior manager with exceptional interpersonal skills to match their forensic accounting expertise, our staffing firm will deliver.

Recruiting with Precision

The staffing consultants at Steven Cardwell stay ahead of the trends to match organizations with the people capable of moving them forward. Finding candidates with relevant experience combined with a diverse skillset is key to staying ahead in these ever-changing and competitive industries. If your company is in need of superstar candidates to get ahead, look no further. Steven Cardwell Recruitment will find candidates for you.

If your business is in need of talent in the accounting, finance and insurance sectors, contact us or give us a call at 905-850-8241. You can also call us toll-free at 866-725-2821!

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